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A place for all of my loves...

Just me saying HI! :-)

For awhile now I have been thinking about starting a new website that can house all of my "loves" in one place that I can easily share the things I love! Facebook is great, but sometimes I get so frustrated! I hope I am not the only one... am I... the constant changes, new algorithms that make it harder to ensure people see what I am sharing. So... anyway I decided that it's time to created a place that is just my very own space where I can share my photography, Book Lady craziness, and well my crazy life! Welcome! I will be sharing all the things I love here and I am so excited! :-) Make sure to check back often or even sign up for the RSS Feed! This is a work in progress so there will be changes as I add and grow!



#MyPlace #SayingHello #ANewBeginning

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