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I'm Just so Excited... Take Two!

I am so excited about my new website and blog... so much so that the other day while still building this amazing site I made a post and shared it! I was of course confused when I went to see my post and found that you couldn't get to it!? LOL Well silly me had not published yet so nothing I had been doing was actually visible!

ANYWAY I have figured this all out now and I am getting caught up! I am going to be posting about all of the things I love on this blog. From my crazy life being a wife, mom, daycare provider, photographer, soccer coach, Usborne Book Lady, and well there is more! I know I'm crazy! haha So, welcome to my blog which is part of my website Country Mom ! I'm glad you are here and I hope you will check out all of the pages.

The above picture is my kiddos trying out the new LayBag. We got it for an amazing price at Sams and they wanted to try it out! The idea is to use this instead of chairs at the soccer games. We shall see how well it actually goes. LOL It may not work at all, but I couldn't pass up that price and the possibility of not needing to carry all those chairs out to the field!

Check back often I am planning on posting on here often! Comment to let me know you are here! <3

Let's get this party going!



#laybag #ANewBeginning #Soccer

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