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From Soccer Mom to Soccer Coach... my point of view from the other side of the field.

I am sitting here tonight so excited because tomorrow is my little U7 teams first game for this Spring Soccer Season! Until this past fall I had always loved watching my kids learn and play soccer, but I was a Mom on the sidelines cheering! I was the Mom who took team pictures... When I decided to coach my youngest son's team because they didn't have a coach and weren't going to get to play unless someone stepped up I really didn't know if I had what it took. Could watching my kids practices and games for 5 years translate into coaching of other kids? I didn't play soccer as a kid... I had no experience playing this sport. I wanted my kid to get to play. I also wanted my kid to be on a team where he learn basics, had fun, and grew as a player. If I am honest I wanted him to be on a team where they won too... Hmmm could I do it?

What I learned last season is that it's scary at first, but after the first game it was really no big deal. There are some amazing resources on You Tube. I also found some helpful sites that gave me some great games for kids this age. See at this age it's about teaching basics and making it fun. You have to change up what you are doing pretty frequently or they get bored, but I did it... so could any one else. Caring and taking the time to teach the kids... and have fun with them makes the experience for the kids great, but it was also really amazing for me too! Now, don't get me wrong I don't think I am qualified to coach an older group of kids.... but for this age group I learned and got just as much out of it as they did!

The view on the other side of the field is different. It is a little bit of an adjustment because the kids are looking to you to tell them what to do, but it is so rewarding! No, we didn't win every game. In fact last season my little team lost every game! I think I was more hurt by that then them... This age is more about learning and having fun! It still would have been amazing to win! Just a little encouragement to those parents out there. When you take your kids to practice see if you can help... The coach especially at this age would probably love to have your help! Yes, you can do it even if you have never have played soccer! Yes, even if you are out of shape and have no coordination you can do it! Folks, if I can do it anybody can do it! :-) Your kid will think it pretty great that your out there with them!

So I guess the moral of this blog post today is you don't have to just be the parent cheering. That is a great place to be and I was there for a long time! If you find yourself wondering if you could coach the answer is yes, and you will probably love it!

Picture above was my little team this past fall!

I am posting a few of the resources that I have used for anyone who is looking for some good guides!

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