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Day #6 of Quarantine

I've been thinking about how this time right now is challenging, but also how it is historic. I know when we all look back to this time we will have memories of the good and the bad, but honestly I hope there is more memories of good then bad.

We decided to go into self quarantine maybe a little earlier then the others in our area but only by a little. My husband has stage 4 cancer. This COVID-19 would kill him if he gets it so we are at home. We also are slightly worried for our daughter who has a heart condition. She would probably not do well if she got this. I am able to work from home full time until this passes (thank God and my amazing employer!) Going home knowing you plan on not going anywhere for an extended time is weird and kinda nice at the same time. Our family goes a million miles an hour keeping up with work and kids activities. Just being able to be home and know that's it there it no list of things we are doing each night is in a way a relief.

So far we've kept the kids pretty entertained with doing something each day that isn't staring at a screen. LOL It is slightly challenging, but there are a lot of great ideas out there so we are doing pretty good so far. They have only been slightly stir crazy... We do make them play out side each day so that has helped some. We've played board games and gone on walks. I am enjoying getting to spend precious time with them and though some of being around each other constantly is challenging I am loving it all the same.

Here are some ideas of things to do from home:

*3 marker challenge

*build a fort

*board games


*cook together

*movie night with popcorn

*dance party

*create an epic battle between your kids toys you on one side them on the other! Who will win?!

*Sock war (take socks and ball them into a ball shape) each person gets a certain number of sock balls. Then you throw them at each other... they can hurt so go easy on the kids ;-)

*Nerf Gun Wars

*Lip Singing Contest

*Learn to draw together (lots of how to's on You Tube)

I started working from home yesterday and it went pretty well... I actually got a lot accomplished even though I am working through vpn on my ipad which is... a bit small. It works and that's good! I am happy I am able to work from home and whatever challenges working from home causes I am sure I will figure it out.

My husband and I have been talking about how everything is changed. Good or bad everything is changed now. It's crazy how we all know that something can happen and change the whole world in an instant, but we haven't experienced anything on this scale before. It boggles my mind to think of all of the things that are now... different. It also is amazing to me to see how this country always comes together in time of hardship. I love my country.

Reminding the kids of why we are doing this and that they can't eat all of the food in the house in a week has been entertaining and challenging! Reminding them that they shouldn't do their crazy stunt and need to be slightly more careful because we really do not want to have to go to the doctor right now has been a daily reminder. They are kids and I don't think they really get it. I guess I am kind glad in a way that they can remain carefree in a way. Lord, I hope that this isn't the new normal for them.

God has a plan and I have no idea how this whole pandemic plays into it, but I trust him. Getting to a place where I can trust him even in the scary stuff has been hard. I've had a lot of practice at it though. I won't say that I don't feel scared or that I don't have to remind myself many, many times why I can trust him. I just know that this is so much larger than me. I can only put my faith in the Lord... do what I can to protect my family and fellow citizens... and pray, pray, pray.

I plan on writing each day a little about what we've been up to and hopefully bring a little cheer and laughter to your day! For now let me leave you with this... I heard someone else say this and it make so much sense to me. "This is something new for me to be going through, but this isn't anything new to God." ~ Steve Furtick

TTFN ~ April

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