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Hello Again!

I sit here thinking how could have been so long since I posted on here? It's a been a whirlwind the past few years that's for sure. I feel like they have flown by! I've been feeling lately that I need to write about what is going on in my life. There is a lot going on for my family right now. I don't know if writing will help me more than anything, but maybe writing what I am going through will someday help someone else to have the courage to go through what they are going through.

There is a lot to say and oh so very little time, but I will write a little everyday (hopefully)... sharing about My husband having stage 4 Colon Cancer, my kids and their many activities, my struggles as a Mom and a Wife, and well just all of the life that happens in the middle of it all. As you could imagine the first one listed is the big one that is effecting us the most right now.

We are doing OK... I mean really that is all that you can say in a circumstance like this... right...There is so much going on... so many feelings, fears, questions. Cancer is awful! Serious AWFUL! That being said My God is BIGGER than all of that! So we are OK... really we are better than OK. We are blessed! We are joyful! We are so much better than OK!

Well, I better get to bed as tomorrow is a full day of work and kids and it's getting late. So talk to ya'll soon!

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