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"Mom can I be a You Tuber?"

I sit here trying to decide what I would like to write about because I have several blog posts that are in the works and several more in a list that I would like to write about. I haven't posted any of those because... well time! Soccer is in full swing and you add our normal Ninja Class and ballet to that and well there is no time! So, I am sitting here trying to decide and my son comes up and asks for the the bazillionth time, "Can I be a You Tuber!!" haha! Well, I won't say that I haven't thought about it. You can make serious money on You Tube! I mean my kids are on You Tube all the time! I'm always like ugh get off there you are rotting your brain! LOL

Do your kids sit and watch You Tube all the time... or at least it feels like all the time. What stuff do your kids like to watch? My kids like to watch sports videos, Gamers, Kids being GOOBERS!, and the oh so dreaded...J/K but not really ... Toy Review videos and barbie, boopsie, mystery reveals, etc. LOL Those are the worst! Well, at least for the parents! The kids love them. We do have time limits and monitor what they are watching, but it sure does feel like they want to be on there all the time!

I know I am giving You Tube a hard time. There is some very good uses for you tube and I use it a good deal too. We all fall into this zoned out staring at a device situation some evenings after a very full day. I guess it's our relaxing time. I am going to start trying to have some more intentional time with my family where we spend more intentional time together. I also am going to make intentional time to read instead of staring at my phone. LOL Do you do anything intentional along these lines? How has it worked for you? Stayed tuned to find out what we decide to do and how it works out for us!

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